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Vote Yes on Question 3

Wednesday Oct 31, 2018

We hope you'll join us and thousands of other members of the arts community and vote in favor of Question 3 on November 6. The question, if approved by voters, will keep the 2016 Massachusetts civil rights law for transgender residents on the books.

The 2016 law is about ensuring transgender people have the same basic protections enjoyed by everyone else in Massachusetts, so they can live their lives with safety, privacy, and dignity. It prohibits discrimination against transgender people in public places including restaurants, retail stores, and concert halls. Most of the cultural institutions throughout our state are open to the public and everyone should be free from discrimination while visiting and enjoying these places with their family and friends.

Art and creativity in all its forms helps build more vibrant, equitable and connected communities. What does it say about us if we open our public spaces to all members of our community? Conversely, what does it say if we deliberately exclude transgender people from them?

The arts community is no different from others such as the business community, associations of educators, all of the state's major league sports teams, countless faith leaders, public safety organizations, and the state's broader community of social justice and civil rights advocates in supporting Question 3. Nor is the arts community any different from these communities in counting many transgender people among its members.

Please join us November 6 in voting yes on Question 3 to keep our civil rights laws intact.


Matt Wilson, executive director, MASSCreative

Craig Coogan, executive director, Boston Gay Men's Chorus