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Letter to the Editor

Thursday Feb 28, 2019

Dear Mr. Sinatra:

My husband and I have lived in the South End of Boston for over 30 years. We brought up our family in this neighborhood and truly have dedicated many years on making it a wonderful place to enjoy, live, work and play.

The Washington Street area of Boston has had so much positive development and revitalization over the last 25 years. Over 1750 housing units have been renovated or built on the Washington Street corridor from the Turnpike to Melnea Cass Blvd. 900 of these units are subsidized or affordable which is great for the area. Over $ 2.5 M has been invested by private / public partnerships.

Since 1997, ninety new businesses have opened on Washington Street, since it became one of the 20 Main Streets districts called Washington Gateway Main Street. I served as the founder and board president for 10 years and most recently served as VP for 7 years.

Our community and professional careers has been one of focused areas of Boston.

Washington Gateway Main Street is a community-based organization, which closely works with residents, businesses, property owners, and non-profits and City & State government. Over the last few years, the WGMS board has focused on the 4 corners of Washington Street at Massachusetts. The 3 other corners have been recently renovated: Bank of America's new storefront with an expanded virtual Bank inside, a new French restaurant: Bar Lyon, and 7/11 with office space above.

It is important to seize the moment and get this project approved. Having a hotel at that intersection and the renovating and activating the corner will add much needed 24/7 activity. New jobs at the new Hotel will be great for the area and having an active ground floor use is just what the area needs.

I commend the Developer and their team for agreeing to move the bus shelter closer to the residential buildings and finally restoring the Alexandra Hotel. There is a need to add additional height to this building. Historic restoration and building costs warrants this additional height. It is time to get the job done and develop the Alexandra Hotel before the site can no longer be renovated and be in disrepair.

Randi and Bob Lathrop